Backyard Surfboard Shaper, MitchClarkShapes, of Newquay Cornwall chats and rides

Mitch talks through his backyard surfboard shaping world, why he does it, and takes us out for surf on his boards with friends at the near by Fistral Beach, Newquay Cornwall.

Guys like Mitch are what Legends is about.

The maybe, lesser known but no less passionate and skilled at his craft character. Like the little known surfer on your local break, who shreds, and who you may never have spoken to as a kid, but they inspired you and pushed you to explore your capabilities.

Mitch, and backyard shapers alike, keep the torch lit for what was a one point the only option. A trip to the local boy, covered head to toe in dust, ready to craft, then emerging days later with the precious board that you'll discover fresh breaks, old haunts and new levels of stoke on.

Choice is vast these days, but the beautiful art is not lost, walking into the bay, chatting and building a relationship with the shaper, that goes on for years is magical, and is not hung on a wall ready to buy. 

It's maybe not for everyone? but I encourage you to a least once, get a recommendation, brave the doorway and see what there is to find.

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