Celebrate The Shred Skate Video

Now this shoot was always about just having fun. We hired out the awesome Mount Hawke Skatepark (Cornwall) one evening, and invited a few friends, old and new, to come, grab a free T and lose some skin and have a few giggles.

I myself am a terrible skater, but couldn't stop smiling. Skating as a community has a real positive vibe. I stack hard, and kids, adults, strangers, always check I'm cool.

It's such a sick environment for kids to be apart of to learn risk verses reward, if you keep trying and pushing yourself, you can nail it, and everyone matters.

Celebrate the shred, is just screaming all that. When you make the line, finally nail that trick, whatever, and you just so stoked you could explode, that's why we do what we do, why we design the way we do, fun, expression, exercise, therapy, community... that and knowing that the environment and people, from the farmer growing the cotton, to the factory workers making the T, all the way to you guys wearing it,  everything and everyone has been respected and appreciated.

Filmed by the joy spreading talents of Chris from @goleftimages

Cheers guys X


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