Celebrating the Communities & Legends of Our Sport

Everyone has their own legend in their life, an unsung hero or inspiration. Legends of the Wayside stands for recognising the people who don’t ask for gratitude or a thank you, who are off the radar and do what they do with passion, modesty, and conviction. Who is your legend? 


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A legend isn’t necessarily someone who resides in the limelight, or who has feats and tangible accomplishments attached to their name. A legend could be someone unknown to most, but who is inspirational, in their own little way. 

They are someone who has impacted just one person, or they could have left a legacy, affecting the many. 

We are picking individuals that have a similar outlook on life to Legend of the Wayside, share our commitment to inclusivity, positivity and transparency.

Is there someone you know well, you might have met them just once but they made a lasting impression? Is there someone you see on a regular basis you have never even spoken to but who inspired you with their dedication or stoke?

What made you notice them for the first time?

We hope that this will inspire you to act on your inspirations, relive those moments where others supported you, finding yourself in a moment of positive reflection. 

Pay tribute to the individuals who have made an impression on your life (whether on or off a board of some kind).

Has someone introduced you to sports for mental health, has someone encouraged you to get out your comfort zone and embark on an adventure, or helped you break down barriers to find new appreciation in being outdoors? We want to know about it.

What made them stand out to you? Maybe they gave you a tip to improve or motivate, or whooped you on a wave/line on the mountain/trick in the park. It could be a lasting memory of their determination as a frothing grom or they are an old and wise soul.

Can you remember your first conversation with them? Or have you never actually spoken the before, but just was impressed from afar?

Over the next few weeks, we will be asking some familiar and not-so-familiar faces who THEIR legend is or was. We do the sports we love because of the glowing feeling you get after an epic powder run, or an amazing turn. 

By sharing this feeling with others, these legends spread the stoke and build a supportive community.


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Is there anyone you can think of that inspired you as a kid, gave you encouragement or helped you overcome adversity (or the fear of trying something new)? Does your kid want to big you up? Or are your kids the ones that motivate you?

No need to name and names (unless you want to), and you can even send in your nomination anonymously. We would just love to hear about your experiences. Tell us who your legend is in the comments below. Or use the hashtag #myLOTW to show them you appreciate the reason why they are a legend in the first place. Tell us a story. You never know, it might just inspire someone else too…

This is an ode to the lesser known people that were a great influence, stood as a positive example or a driving force that in some way assisted you in life’s successes.

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