Go Get Lost! Our Very Own Cornish Surf Edit

Go Get Lost

Born from our endless desire for adventure and whatever that might mean to us as individuals.

From the seas to the mountains and everything in between.

For us, it’s being in and experiencing the world we are trying to protect.

From our experience, we're often bitten by the need to find a new playground. Skatepark, ocean, mountain, whatever your poison, and for us, and our friends, it's all of the above. It doesn't have to be a 24 hour flight away, there's so much around us we often miss, finding it is the adventure. That said, if it is a hefty flight away, there's the added gift of different cultures to learn and embrace. 

As long as we can be responsible. Clean where you been, be respectful and take that step back to take in and appreciate the beauty, and the privilege of travel.

Our friend Chris from goleftimages, is our go to guy for filming and editing. We just give the broad concept and let him run with it.

As ever, this T is 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, printed in the South West with eco friendly vegan inks. Fully traceable and part of the Fairwear Foundation, which is there as additional care for the workers on top of GOTS.

It matters, so thanks for coming with us on this journey .


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