#myLOTW series 6: Connect with whatever gives you energy

The Mountain Life.

So profoundly put once by the lovely Joni Mitchell, we don’t know what we’ve got until it’s gone. Has this saying ever had more prevalence in the world than right now? 

Recently the amount of time we were allowed to spend outside was restricted. Sitting on the sofa day after day, staring at four walls, you’re always tired but have trouble sleeping. How could we feel constantly lethargic, unmotivated, with the weighty pit in the bottom of your stomach, just from doing nothing? That weird dichotomy brought a lot of things to light that most people had never considered before.


Never before had we been told that we must stay at home. Suddenly, we were craving more exposure to vitamin D. It became more apparent to the world that inaction wasn’t good for our health. 


(Really, we should have realised this sooner, from what we’ve been experiencing recently and how we treat each other and the planet.) 


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We’ve known Rose-Ellen Bromley for a long time. She is fired-up, determined and understands more than most the link between idleness and mental health. She is another of our own legends, spending her life in the outdoors, flying down mountains on a variety of different craft, and always eager to find a new level of stoke. 

When she moved to the mountains “I had no money but just loads of enthusiasm”. Whatever it took, she was to put this lifestyle of learning and freedom at the forefront. 

Rose’s own heroes have made themselves known by sharing in her values. This common objective is to pursue a lifestyle that supports their love of the outdoors. She doesn’t have one individual inspiration, but it’s through circumstantial moments in her life that have led her to find a path through it. No matter the scenario, she is always making sure she is consciously learning something from a hardship or bump in the road.


rose-ellen bromley morzine mountain downhill bike legends of the wayside eco clothing slow fashion tshirt mental health advocate


Having a mother who had mental health issues, she found release in speed and fresh air. Rose highlights to us the importance of always learning and pushing ourselves.

The uncertainty that comes from trying something new needs our whole-hearted and complete attention. Hardships are not being blocked out: it’s giving us the space to take a step back, appreciate, analyse what is worth investing your time and energy into. Only then can we reevaluate what is getting in the way of bringing us sheer enjoyment and stoke into our lives. 

This is the grounding that keeps Rose fired up. Actions sports help her put things into perspective. She learned to appreciate a clear mind, absolutely believing in the value of sports to maintain good mental health. 



Make the most of our health and body and push limits.
Because why not.

In Rose’s own words, “Connect with whatever gives you energy”. Even when there’s that sluggish mist slowing your down, muting your senses, it’s the physical pursuits that sharpen them up again. She tells us to “Feed your passion”. That means that our passions need nutrients, nurturing and sustenance.

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