#myLOTW series 1: A Platform for the Next Generation

We are proud to launch our #myLOTW series with someone who has really helped strengthen the community that holds us all together, through our favourite sports.

Having recognised the importance of heroes and inspirational figures in the world of action sports, she has successfully reinforced the potency of sharing experiences, and supporting each others' feats and losses.

Meet Alexa. 

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Alexa spends a third snowboarding off the back of a cat ski in Japan, one third of her year in surfing Australia, and the rest of it heli-skiing in Alaska. 

She is a pro-snowboarder and the driving force behind Still Stoked - an online platform in which to give girls and women the space to inspire each other and support others who want to take part in action sports. 

“I wanted to create a place to tell the stories that I wished were available when I was a kid. You know, the stories of strong women out there doing amazing things... When I was younger, they weren’t accessible to show me that I could do it too. I believe it is hard to be what you can’t see.”


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Alexa’s hero was (and still is) Tara Dakides. 

“She was everything to me growing up. She showed me what strength, style, and determination looked like while being surrounded by the men’s world of snowboarding… She was one of the few women around at the time in snowboarding.”

What has made Tara a stand-out individual isn't just from the professional realm of snowsports, but her way of life, mindset and reactions to adversity.

“Tara hasn’t triumphed in the snowboard world alone; she has triumphed in life, overcoming amazing odds and many career-threatening injuries to be where she is today.”


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{photo from Mark Kholman/ESPN} 


“Without her as my inspiration, I have no idea where I would be in my life right now. She showed me what was possible and as a result, I chased my snowboard dreams fearlessly.”


Back then, Alexa admired Tara from afar. Through determination to pursue her sporting dreams, and alongside her mission to show other girls and women that they can match the respect of the guys in these action sports, they now speak all these years later. 

Alexa is stoked she has had the opportunity to thank her own personal legend for being that woman who changed her life. And thanks to Alexa, strong female role models in action sports can now be represented, admired and supported.

Alexa is one of our own legends too.


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Who is your legend? Is there someone you can think of who has inspired you both in the snow and in everyday life? Are they a bit closer to home? 

We'd love to hear from you. 

Mention your hero in the comments below and you could be in for a chance of winning a feature in our LOTW journal. 



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