New Creations: Tunnel Vision, Questioning Ethics & Aspergers

Trousers, all that's been and the rest to come. 

All I can call this is a labour of love. Hour upon hour of relentless searching, phone calls, samples, questioning how genuine the claims of 'ethical' really are. 

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Sebastian is wearing the recycled plastic legends baseball cap,
the round stamp lava t-shirt and the legends always-on-board skate pants.


From a brand and design angle, my greatest strength is I guess my greatest weakness in other areas, so you just gotta understand your mindset the best you can, then try to harness the flow when it’s happening. 

Aspergers gives me an obsessive passion, a real tunnel vision.

I fall in love with a design idea, concept or video media campaign, and I don't feel I can rest until it’s reached its end. It really drives projects along. The ethical foundation Legends is built on is that it should be able to achieve an ideal status of ‘ethical’. Along with a purely holistic responsibility that comes from creating, like all things, when it’s something you believe in, it’s going to be worth the wait. 

The new Legends 'always on board pants' are the screaming example of this.

I didn't want to compromise. If I were to, at any stage, say it's ok to compromise, I become as guilty as the fast fashion industry, and the damage they do. It is, I realise, a hard road I made for my own back, but it's true, it’s honest, and it's how things need to be! 

It's not been a quick development.


Legends is a small independent brand that so far has grown from grass roots. Slowly but with its strengths. The challenges I hit, and there have been many, really are the education you'll never have unless you actually do it, and there's a lot of strength to be found in that. 

The design is one I've had for years, a crazy comfy, loose fit, everyday pant to live in. Surf search, easy on and off for the mad roadside scrambles with wetsuits. A pant that looks awesome and has no restrictions while skating at whatever level you're at, and, if the mood takes, can more than handle a full vinyasa flow yoga session. Hard wearing, lightweight, throw them in your board bag for travel adventures. Happy pants. 

The material really did take a couple years to track down.

The weight, feel and most importantly, the fact it's a blend of recycled hemp, virgin hemp, and a little organic cotton. Firstly the suppliers had all the right certificates, and when I asked for the information I needed, about the where's and who's, it was right there. It's made in China, in Fair Wear Certified factory and GOTS Certified. That's two incredibly important things. It tells me that the product started life on a farm that doesn’t poison the soil and subsequently the people working that land, through way of water pollution. Hemp itself is one of the most sustainable materials this planet offers. It also tells me that when it then reaches the factory to become a workable material, the people there are treated like people. No sweatshop mentality. The recycled hemp was music to my ears.

Another step to reduce waste. 

The drawstring is made from organic cotton. The elastic for the waistband and ankle cuffs are made in Austria from certified organic cotton & natural rubber, that is biodegradable and recyclable. The thread is recycled PET. The patches and wash labels, organic cotton, using vegan inks.

And at the present, they are handmade here, in beautiful North Cornwall. 

eco clothing cornwall uk independent slow fashion company brand beach checking surf new trousers sustainable
 Amy is wearing the women's peace love & stoke tank top and the legends always-on-board skate pants.

There were a fair few test drives, some of which are being worn by friends who are stoked with them. 

It's just a pair of trousers, a pair that will be worn everyday and last like that faithful old sweater you just can't see gone. And what they represent, how it proves that this a small independent label, paying more for smaller amounts from suppliers, can make a killer design that screams slow fashion, and does not compromise at anyone's cost. It’s done by riders for riders, with total commitment and passion. 

I can't wait to see what's next!✌ 

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