Who We Are

We are inspired by people pushing themselves and breaking boundaries in their chosen sport. We want other people to be excited about wearing our clothing, and in doing so they are also representing our ethos: sharing in our stoke. 

We stand confident in a sea of unsustainable products.

We will always be completely honest about where our products are made, printed and materials gathered. We want this to translate into being a company who is completely trustworthy, never shying away from questions and challenges. We hope, in time, this will inspire other big outdoor clothing brands to follow suit.

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A letter from Jonny.

The concept was born from a search.

I was looking for somewhere I could buy myself and my family clothes that had a good ethical process. There was a floating empty space  where I wanted to see a strong brand that encompassed the life that I love and designs that I could wear day-in day-out. We were determined to create a brand that you could go to and be 100% certain that absolutely everything was ethical. 

Having always been creative and knowing the importance of expression, I chose to start a label that celebrates the culture I love that, from the very start of the product, was without question ethical.

If I couldn’t achieve a product and a process that was positive to the people involved as well as the planet, then I wouldn’t do it at all.  It is challenging, but the growing awareness and desire to look after what we have is there and now we have a more informed choice.

I grew up skating, mostly street, then at seventeen years old a friend showed me a snowboarding video and I was in. Surfing, I think it is fair to say, is my go to. It’s why I live where I live and allows me to recharge my batteries and feel level again.

Whoever I’ve met on the mountain, in the sea or in the skatepark, I’ve seen the positivity, the common ground and respect shared for the world in which we play.

Our biggest goals for Legends are to invest and bring awareness to the people and projects that assist mental health, physical health, and the well-being of our environment.

We hope by investing in us, you will also uphold our values. These values are what glues our company together.

See you in the water,


Kids Skate boarding



We celebrate the people who do these boardsports and the stoke we share. We froth on other environmentally friendly companies and individuals who share our ethos and values. Snow is melting, winters are getting warmer, continual rain means sewage overflows into the ocean, pollution in the water is killing coral and fish, air pollution in cities clogs up our lungs. Joining together to promote sustainable living, making healthier choices for yourself and the earth, will mean we can savour the environments in which we can do these epic boardsports. 


We have picked-up-sticks and relocated to be by the sea, work ‘til the early hours to pay for a lift-ticket to snow-capped mountains. Many of us lead a simple life and have decided to form our entire existence around boardsports. But the reward....! It’s about the lifestyle why we do all this, and the fact that we get to share these experiences with others is why we’re still going strong (and we’re not moving house any time soon). Being able to share this through the platform of an environmentally friendly company is a bonus. 


Our chosen boardsport absorbs us, focusing every atom of our mind and body on the job at hand. The mental health benefits of sport, and being fully distracted from our everyday, is partly why we do what we do. Your whole-hearted attention to make sure you don’t get nailed by the set on the horizon, keeping your balance on the water (whether frozen or liquid), or flying down a ramp, the power of gravity, speed, motion, fresh air is empowering. We want to push these sports to include those who might feel they have something holding them back.

Once our world is gone, where will we go to escape, and experience that flow state?


Being in the ocean or in the mountains, it is the perfect place to clear our heads, escape from the everyday niggles and worries. You don’t want to be distracted from that perfect wave by a niggling little voice in your head, asking you whether you should have car-shared with your mate to get to the beach, or bought a second-hand board, instead of the brand new one you’re currently sitting on. Don’t worry - we’ve got your back. 

We want to make sure you’ve got a clear conscience when it comes to buying new clothes.

Still Water sunset